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Great Job

A truely unique song that has immense power and should give anyone in there right minds an eargasm. This unique,expierimental and it feels like an evolution in electronic music to me.Good work.

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random noise2 random noise2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


A pretty soild noise trak.Good work.

Goldeneye64 - Water Caverns Goldeneye64 - Water Caverns

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cool concept.

I like it a chill song to cap people up bond style.Very cool and stealthy.I like the concept.

Eurotrash Eurotrash

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This song didn't do it for me.

It could be that I do not know enough about this genre but for me it took too long to get anywhere special.It was just too flat and bland for me for too long.When it did get to that special place it was around 1:28 thats where it got real catchy and was pleasent to listen to.People will probally disagree tho and this was just a quickie so its cool.Keep making music!

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Great stuff.

It's the perfect blend of a danceable beat and hypnotic melody! When it comes to your music this definetly was a AED for me! This captivating groove lures me to various places and gives me many ear-orgasms. This song definetly has some magic on it!

MennoniteMafia808 responds:

heh, thx :D Can't wait for your next song!

Synthetic Heaven Synthetic Heaven

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Yeah dude I have to admit this stuff is nasty!!!!What? You can dance easily to it cause the rythm is infectious with pure groove.At 0:56 I thought you were gonna kick it up a knotch so I was a little dissapointed but at 1:03 it transitioned further and further into a sweet groove. When the track was at 1:23 I fell in love with it!The sythn is so killer there!You just have to get excited if you appreciate this kind of music in the slightest bit!You say you weren't trying your hardest but damn dude..... I love this track!

MennoniteMafia808 responds:

Thanks a ton dude! I can't wait to hear your next song :D

Little Piano Piece Little Piano Piece

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its nice.

Like you said its meh but thats ok.It is definetly worth a listen,it perks you up a little bit,it is pretty,a little variation in the melody would be nice(as stated below), also this may seem like a minor point but it is important to say the song fades out pleasently as it reaches its conclusion.good stuff.

Saigon responds:

yeah its true (should have put more melodic variation.) Glad you like the fade out.
Thanks for the review :)

Adrift and at peace Adrift and at peace

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its cool.

I like it,it has a nice melody,I particularly enjoyed the clapping and cheers inserted. it gives it the feel of an outdoor music fest taking part in the mist of the twilight.

Saigon responds:

Glad you like it (and nice description.) Yay
:) thanks for da review.

July Forth Party Ruckus July Forth Party Ruckus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the few things on Newgrounds

One of the few things on Newgrounds that has any fuckin guts!!! Insanity pure genius! Great Job!

A race of the Hell A race of the Hell

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it.

The guitars don't sound tuned so alot of people won't like it but personally I do. It reminds me of a lo-fi metalsong someone would put in a sega game.I really like the end breakdown very blacksabbathian but if they were fused with the musicalscoring of a 1990's kid's show.But it needs a more banging ending(more explosive).Good Job tho.